Yanghe Mengzhilan M3 (Dream Blue) Chinese Baijiu 500ml 52%

Carrying on traditional craftsmanship and distilling techniques from ancient Yanghe, we use base liquor stored for centuries underground as flavouring, strictly controlling every step of the production process. Mengzhilan is strong but not overpowering, gentle but not weak. The taste, bountiful and harmonious, unfolds slowly and ends with a clean finish. The flavour is exquisite and mellow with a long aftertaste.

Mengzhilan M3 breaks the age-old criterion to judge the quality of Chinese Liquor solely based on fragrance, enables the consumers to experience the connotation of “softness”, highlighting the delight of a dreamy taste.

Yanghe Mengzhilan M3 (Dream Blue) Baijiu
500ml | 52% ABV | Jiangsu, China

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