Wuliangye Great Hall of the People State Banquet Chinese Baijiu 500ml 52%

The national banquet wine has a unique strong fragrance style featuring a sweet and refreshing taste, a mellow and long taste and a coordinated taste. The bottle design of the state banquet wine packaging is based on the shape of the east porch of the Great Hall of the People. It is simple and dignified and its connotation and extension are highly unified, which reflects the nobility, gorgeousness and grandeur of the state banquet wine.

The National Banquet Wine in the Great Hall of the People is made by Wuliangye Group selecting high-quality sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat and corn five grains using Wuliangye’s traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

Wuliangye Baijiu
500ml | 52% ABV | Sichuan, China

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