Wuliangye Chinese Baijiu 500ml 52% (2018 Bottling)


Wuliangye is a typical representative of Daqu with dense aroma style of Chinese spirit, is distilled from five grains: Chinese sorghum, glutinous rice, husked rice, wheat and corn. This is an equisite 2018 bottling release that is hard to come by!

The distilling process involves a complete, unique and strict technology. The raw and auxiliary materials are carefully chosen and proportionally prepared before they are steamed and mixed with yeast. Then they are fermented in sealed cellars and finally distilled to extract liquor.

The extracted liquor is stored up, awaiting blending, inspecting and packaging before going to markets. This liquor enjoys a distinctive feature of a lingering fragrance, mellowness, lusciousness, refreshing and all flavours in their best.

Wuliangye Baijiu
500ml | 52% ABV | Yibin, China

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