Sanyou Tasmanian Baijiu Special Release 500ml 53%


‘Year of the Tiger’ special release.

This one-of-a-kind baijiu has been made using red sorghum from NSW, wheat from Tasmania and the pure waters running in the rivers of our island state, Tasmania. All of these local ingredients have been combined using the traditional solid-state fermentation and distillation methods of the Guizhou and Sichuan Provinces of China but 100% crafted right here in Tasmania. These traditional methods have been followed by 1 year of traditional clay pot aging surrounded by the cool climate found in northern-central Tasmania.

Sanyou Tasmanian Australian Baijiu
500ml | 53% ABV | Tasmania, Australia

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This baijiu tells the stories of the two places we call home; Australia, and China.
In celebration of the year of the Water Tiger and our very first baijiu turning 1 year old, we have decided to create this very limited release.

This is an opportunity to own a piece of baijiu history in Tasmania.