Sanyou Tasmanian Australian Baijiu 500ml 53%


This baijiu is made following the ancient solid-state fermentation and distillation methods learned from the baijiu masters in Moutai, China. The ancient Chinese methods are combined with Tasmanian ingredients and unique fermenting and aging environment – a baijiu that speaks of Chinese traditions and culture and Tasmanian place.

Sanyou baijiu is fermented, distilled and aged in clay-pots in Northern-Central Tasmania – the perfect cool climate for fermentation and aging. The result of the Chinese methods and Tasmanian place is a baijiu that is familiarly Chinese but distinctly Tasmanian.

Sanyou Tasmanian Australian Baijiu
500ml | 53% ABV | Tasmania, Australia

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This baijiu tells the stories of the two places we call home; Australia, and China. In a time when many of us are reaching out across the waters between Australia and China, Sanyou is the bridge that spans the void. Grab a bottle, share it with friends and family and celebrate relationships, culture, tradition and place.