Martell Cordon Argent Extra Cognac 750ml 43%


Introducing the world-renowned Martell Cordon Argent Extra Cognac, a collector’s dream come true. Rarely found and highly sought after, this exquisite vintage cognac boasts a unique taste and aroma.

Crafted by centuries-old French producer J. & F. Martell, this premium cognac is aged for several years in oak barrels to reach its peak flavor profile. The front and back labels are in an impressive condition, along with its fill-line level preserved in excellent condition even after more than three decades.

This precious cognac comes in a classic red velvet case with the booklet and key included – an iconic piece of cognac history you won’t want to miss out on! Its box may have signs of deterioration because of its age but it will still do justice to that timeless look and feel that makes it stand out from other bottles of its kind. The key/lock works perfectly as well despite how old it is. Although extra care must be taken as any mishandling may cause damage due to its age, you can be sure that your precious bottle will stay safe securely stored away inside this velvet case while still giving off a silent nod to classic cognac elegance.

Experience superior sophistication with every sip–taste the history, richness, depth and complexity of this unique 43% extra cognac today!

Martell Cordon Argent Extra Cognac 750ml
Very Unique Bottle from the 80’s
750ml | 43% ABV | France

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