Martell Cordon Argent Extra Cognac 750ml 43%


World’s best selling brand. A collector’s dream to own a unique and hard to find old bottling of J. & F. Martell Cognac from France. Circa 1980’s. Presented in an equisite red velvet case along with the booklet and key.

Please note bottle/box conditions: The bottle’s front and back label is in very good condition along with good fill-line level.
Velvet box has obvious signs of deterioration given its age. Box emblem/badge is missing. Key/lock works perfectly fine. Bottom left has noticable small rip. Closure still opens/closes fine.. extreme care should be taken when handled given its from the 80’s!

Martell Cordon Argent Extra Cognac 750ml
Very Unique Bottle from the 80’s
750ml | 43% ABV | France

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