Mana’o Tahitian Rhum Blanc and Rhum Ambre – 2X 200ml Bottles


No rum pure high quality cane juice was produced on the territory of French Polynesia. Of this statement of absence was born the project to relaunch production of sugar cane and rum of very high quality. It took nearly six years to research and identify different ancestral varieties of sugar cane and to restart the culture untouched lands.
At the same time, society Avatea installed on the commune of Paea in Tahiti, provided this project an essential tool, a discontinuous still and invaluable know-how, twenty years of experience in the distillation of spirits.
Mana’o Tahiti is the fruit of years of work. This name means reo Tahiti ‘think’, ‘remember’ and it resonates as a tribute to this exceptional sugarcane.

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Rhum Mana’o Tahiti – ambré – 43° – 70 Obtained from the distillation of pure organic sugar cane juice, this rum benefits from a 12-to-18-month maturation in old French oak barrels. Mana’o Ambré is the outcome of a careful aging combining the aromatics of the sugar cane juice with a subtle roundness and woody flavor, punctuated with spicy notes. To be tasted at your convenience, pure, on the rocks or in cocktails.

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