Limeburners Darkest Winter Australian Single Malt Whisky M488 700ml 69.5%


Batch M488 produced a blazing 69.5% being Limeburners highest ABV ever produced! Darkest Winter is made using peat collected by hand from the Valley of the Giants. These Giants are the rare and majestic 400-year-old Red Tingle Trees that are native to this area and grow nowhere else in the world.

The barley is smoked for an extended period with this Valley of the Giants Peat, resulting in a heavier, more intense style of whisky, ideally suited for the darkest winter. Matured in an American oak ex-bourbon barrels, this multi-award-winning single malt exhibits spice and floral aromas when neat and a splash of water unleashes malted barley and intense complex smoky aromas.

Each unique barrel will exhibit its own unique characteristics, creating slight variation from batch to batch.

Limeburners Distillery
Cask M488 | Bottle 48 of 218
700ml | 69.5% ABV | Western Australia, Australia

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