Kweichow Moutai 30 Year Old Chinese Baijiu 500ml 53% (2015 Bottling)


Introducing the legendary Moutai Flying Fairy 30 Year Old! This flagship 2015 bottling is unlike any other – words alone can’t do it justice. The exquisite layers, rich and mild aroma form a symphony for the senses that you must experience for yourself. Experience the warmth of a rich, baked aroma that intertwines with a smoky character for an extraordinary flavor sensation. It even features a complex mouthfeel that is both mellow and smooth thanks to its extended aging process. Don’t miss out on this timeless classic – pick up our one and only available bottle now for an historic taste of something truly special!

500ml | 53% ABV | Maotai, China
Batch date: 2012-002 | Bottling date: 2015 05 06
30 Year Old Moutai 53% 500ml茅台30年53度500毫升

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