Juyondai Ryusen Junmai Daiginjo Japanese Sake 720ml 16%


Juyondai Ryusen is a ‘super premium’ japanese sake with the higest grade Yamadanishiki rice polished to 35% ratio, produced with finesse over an extended period of time and brewed using ultra low temperature. It is said to be the most expensive, mysterious and highly sought after bottle of sake in the world. We’re lucky to have 1 amazing bottle with its original red exquisite gift box and booklet. As far as we know, this is only bottle available in Australia!

As a sake series, the Juyondai brewery is made by Takagi Sake in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. Founded in 1615, this brewery is an old shop that has experienced 400 years of ups and downs. Juyondai’s success has a lot to do with its unique fragrant fruity aroma and fresh taste in the Japanese sake market.

Juyondai Ryusen Junmai Daiginjo Japanese Sake
Bottled December 2019
720ml | 16% ABV | Yamagata Prefecture, Japan.

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