Heartwood Heartgrove #2 Cask Strength Rye Tasmanian Whisky 500ml 54.4%


Heartgrove #2 was bottled just under 4 months after Heartgrove #1 for what Tim Duckett (Heartwood owner / bottler) calls “an extra sherry barrel boost that is completely different to the first release. It had a tortured past, being decant 4 times, leaks, tannins and also not knowing how to manage a rye whisky”

With the master of Australian Rye whisky; Peter Bignell (owner of Belgrove Distillery) providing the rye new-make to the most skilled Australian Independent Bottler in the country; Tim Duckett – it really is a match made in whisky-heaven.

Heartwood Tasmania
Bottle 133 of 196
500ml | 54.4% ABV | Tasmania, Australia

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