Corra Linn Single Malt Whisky Cask 62 700ml 53%


Information about the Cask 62: 100 litre remastered port cark with heavy char. Tas Cask Co. remade the barrel. Westminster grain with one style of yeast. Fermentation over 5 days. Alcohol % before distillation was 7.5% Maturation over two years.

Corra Linn Tasmanian Whisky
Very small allocation available
700ml | 53% ABV | Tasmania, Australia

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Named after the eighty foot cascade on the Clyde River in Scotland, Corra Linn was established in 2016 in Relbia by John Wielstra. This is a no expense spared operation that prides itself in precision, small batch production. The still was commissioned from a Chinese maker – a hybrid with a 2000 litre pot, two fractioning columns plus a third rectifying column with twenty trays – a serious piece of equipment and the first of its kind in Tasmania.

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