Liquor Bottle Appraisal Service


A single purchase allows you to receive one (1) appraisal for your liquor / alcohol bottle. There are several reasons why you might to get an appraisal for your liquor bottle/s including;

  1. Insurance purposes: If you have a valuable or rare bottle of alcohol, you may want to insure it. In order to insure it for its true value, you’ll need to know approximately what it’s worth.
  2. Estate planning: If you’re creating an estate plan, knowing the value of your bottle of alcohol can help ensure that your assets are distributed fairly among your heirs.
  3. Investment purposes: Some rare bottles of alcohol can appreciate in value over time. If you’re considering investing in a bottle, you’ll want to know its market value and potential for appreciation.

Our approach to giving you the best appraisal service is by utilising our industry knowledge along with gathering information using various metrics. We assess the scarcity of the bottle/s by performing extensive research, explore various databases and compare recently sold bottle/s across the country and international markets. Having gathered the required information, we arrive at a price range that we believe your bottle/s are worth.

Note: This only an appraisal and not a valuation. Our method for providing this information is expressed from broader research, industry knowledge and opinion only.

Once you have made the purchase, simply send us an email with your order number, details of the bottle/s along with clear photos to: info(at) You will receive a response within 72 hours.

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