Baker Williams Lachlan IV Single Barrel Australian Single Malt Whisky 500ml 70.4%


A single barrel release, from an ex-bourbon cask, recoopered to 100Litres on the apple isle.
4 years old, this whisky brings a superb juicy sweet note softening to cereal malt. Fruit notes of orange, vanilla, butterscotch and a hint of crème anglais & a lovely mouthfeel lending to eggnog and followed by allspice.

Unfiltered, copper & chestnut in colour, the first taste delivers sweetness with midtones of lemony citrus and a lingering finish.

Every bottle has been bottled by hand, individually numbered, dated and signed by the distiller & all drawn from a single cask.

Baker Williams Distillery
Bottle 85 of 124
500ml | 70.4% ABV | New South Wales, Australia

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