Adam’s Signature Series Cask Strength Single Malt Tasmanian Whisky 700ml 58%


The pure cask strength expression of our  ‘best of the best Signature series’ still contains the same Bourbon Casks, Sherry Casks, and some cheeky Pinot Noir Casks, however, their splendor is allowed to shine as mother nature intended. The bourbon is sweet and dominate on the nose & the front of the pallet. Sherry casks add deep red fruit tones across the middle while the Pinot Noir casks dry the finish ever so slightly before a delicious spicey long tail that seems to go on & on. 

A drop or two of water and you will have the pleasure of enjoying this Whisky across multiple levels.

Adam’s Tasmanian Whisky
700ml | 58% ABV | Tasmania, Australia

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