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Sell Whisky, Liquor and Alcohol Bottles Online

Sell Your Whisky or Liquor Bottles Australia

How do I sell my bottles? If you are looking to sell a bottle, alcohol bottles or sell whisky collection online, then we can do this for you by consignment. No liquor licence is required, instead we use our liquor licence to list your bottle/s on our website and other online market platforms such as eBay. Please note by Australian Law, it is illegal to sell alcohol without a valid liquor licence (whether privately or online). This is where we come in to help you!

We are proud to say we offer a VERY low commission fee of only 15% on the sale of your bottle/s on our website.

How to Sell Bottle/s on Consignment?

  • Contact us (via E-mail) and include details of the liquor / bottles you want to sell. Also attach quality photos where possible.
  • We’ll review and assess the items. If approved, we’ll give a valuation and recommendation on the advertised pricing. You may decide on the retail price or ask us for advice to decide on the best value.
  • You post the bottles to our storage premises, we photograph the bottles and then list the bottle/s for sale on our website and other marketing platforms such as eBay. During any time, you may revise the website listing price if necessary.
  • Once your bottle/s sell, we arrange for careful packaging and shipping of the bottle/s to the customer at the buyer’s expense. We then pay you the agreed sales price less our commission of 15%.

Why Choose Liquor Town to Sell Your Bottles?

  • We offer Australia’s lowest and cheapest fee for the sales of alcohol by consignment.
  • We have a growing number of customers and collectors on our mailing list who are constantly on the lookout for quality bottles to acquire.
  • We have extended reach into a number of traditional and non-traditional social media platforms to promote and market your bottles. This significantly increases and enhances the chances of attracting the right buyer.
  • We provide a centralised Client Services Portal for you to view and track the status of your consigned liquor bottles.

Sell Liquor Alcohol on Consignment Australia

Terms and Conditions for Consignment

  • The bottle/s will need to be posted to the shipping address as specified in the email. The bottle/s will then be stored securely at a protected / non-disclosed premises and insured for the agreed sales price (less the commission as above).
  • When posting the bottle/s, consider using bubble wrap and a solid cardboard box to protect the interior from sustaining any damage during transit. Just remember, postal and courier services can be quite rough. Furthermore, consider insuring the item/s with Australia Post or your preferred courier service in the event of risks arising from loss, theft or damage. We are not liable and responsible for any of the aforementioned risks during the transport and handling process initiated from your end to us.

  • You will be paid via EFT or Paypal depending on your preference. Furthermore, payment will only be processed upon the confirmation of delivery to the shipping address and from the buyer.
  • We accept all different types of liquor including whiskies, baijiu and collectables.
  • We have the right to not offer this service and can refuse the acceptance of any consignment requests. Particularly upon bona fides check of the bottle/s that raises concerns or suspicion on the authenticity of the item/s. In such event, the bottle/s will be returned to you (minus a $20 holding/handling fee per bottle and return postage fee).
  • If your bottle/s does not sell or you wish to withdraw from the consignment arrangement, then we will return the bottle/s to you (minus $20 holding/handling fee per bottle and return postage fee).

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[Page last updated: 14th May 2021]